Semen and Embryo Storage Services Available

SMART Reproduction understands the investment of time, effort, and money that comes with the commitment to genetic improvement and offers a wide range of services to support producers in their breeding programs. Our center is now offering short and long-term storage of semen and embryos for a variety of species, including cattle, sheep, goats, deer, dogs, and cats.

What clients can expect

With SMART Reproduction, clients can trust that their investment is safe in a secure facility. Scheduled tank inspections by trained staff ensure that equipment is functioning correctly and in good condition. Clients also have access to a custom online inventory program that allows them to view their inventory in real-time, schedule transfers, and arrange shipping of their stored products. This level of transparency ensures that clients are fully informed of the status of their germplasm. Furthermore, client information remains confidential, providing a sense of security and trust.

SMART Reproduction’s USDA certification as an export facility sets us apart from other reproductive service providers. Our center is able to act as an aggregation and shipping point for export qualified cattle, sheep, and goat semen and embryos due to this certification. Clients that are importing novel genetics into the United States can also benefit from our long and short-term storage services. SMART Reproduction has the knowledge and experience to coordinate sourcing, procuring, and importing a wide variety of species semen and embryos. Our export/import staff’s goal is to provide a fully supported import process that is as stress-free as possible for their clients.

Domestic Storage

Domestic storage clients can also expect the same level of service from SMART Reproduction. We offer a detailed protocol for receiving shipping requests, semen intake, tank maintenance, sanitation, and inventory. This allows domestic producer clients to focus on their animals and breeding program, knowing that SMART Reproduction is providing targeted care of their germplasm.

In conclusion, SMART Reproduction offers a comprehensive range of reproductive services for a variety of species. Our focus on safety, transparency, and confidentiality ensures that clients can trust that their investment is secure. Our depth of expertise in coordinating import and export processes also sets our services apart from other providers. Whether domestic or international, clients can rest assured that their genetic investment is in good hands with SMART Reproduction.