New Online Sire Catalogue

SMART Repro believes that information is power, and our streamlined online catalogue embodies that mantra. For our international and domestic purchasers, a wealth of information is at your fingertips through the easy to navigate setup.

First, separating meat and dairy sires into two separate pages reduces times spent sifting through two very different breeding and production goals. Secondly, lactation values for dairy sires and weaning and birth weight values for the meat sires are clearly delineated in the column to the right of the sire’s name. Other information displayed is breed, registration number, price, and countries the animal’s semen are qualified for export to. Every opportunity to streamline the initial process of deciding which genetics to import is taken with this eye pleasing setup.

 An exciting addition to the catalogue is the introduction of Nigerian Dwarf sires to the international stage. The Nigerian Dwarf current sires are: HetlandCreek GL Gibson, Oak Apple Ciaran, Sugar Moon NS Alejandro, and Violet’s Acre BA School’s Out. These refined, elegant bucks are representative of this eye pleasing, high butterfat producing breed!

In addition, SMART Repro has a varied selection of meat and dairy sires. The dairy breeds currently in stock are Nubian, Alpine, Toggenburg, Oberhalsi, and Saanen. Traditional, dappled, Kalahari Red, and Kiko round out the meat catalogue. All of the animals listed have semen ready to ship.   

With global demand for goat meat and milk only increasing, producers from all avenues are looking for ways to increase their program’s efficiency and reduce losses. Increased productivity in daily weight gain rates and longer and more productive lactation rates are examples of some of the results that come with improved genetics. With this in mind, the data provided through the multiple testing, data collection and pedigree programs the American Dairy Goat Association, American Boer Goat Association, National Kiko Registry, and the American Kiko Goat Association provide are invaluable. Our staff is ready to assist any of our current and potential clients in understanding this wealth of data.

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