Capturing the Global Demand: The American Boer Goat

Driving Global Interest

American Boer goat breeders are not just witnessing, but actively driving, the ever-expanding interest at home and abroad for the outstanding animals their programs produce. This international component, this demand, is not just creating unique revenue opportunities for the industry through semen, embryos, and live animal exports but also solidifying the industry’s position as a global leader. Innovative and forward-thinking breeders are not just fielding inquiries, but making successful sales from various clients and continents.

SHEPHERD CREEK READY TO PLAY, a Boer goat sire listed in the SMART Reproduction catalogue.


A Breed Apart

The Boer goat stands apart within the landscape of small ruminant production breeds in the United States. The breed’s origin in South Africa as a production animal and the work American producers have placed into it refining and curating the breed have created intense global demand. As goat protein is one of the most widely consumed animal proteins globally, the impressive growth and carcass quality of Boers stands out to international producers.

Capitalizing on Demand

Why should American breeders be prepared to capitalize on this demand? The following numbers should drive home the clear financial reasons. A staggering 60 to 75 percent of the world’s population eats goat meat. This “goat belt” stretches through Africa, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. Goats are a staple in the developing world; according to the USDA, three-quarters of the global goat population is located in developing countries. Considering these impressive numbers, consider the trillions of potential customers your genetics could provide high-quality nutrition at the individual and regional levels.

In 2021, Jamaica imported just over $15 million worth of sheep and goat protein to meet that island country’s needs! With its drastic and long-term impacts on food supply chains, the pandemic has illuminated the need for foreign governments to strengthen and expand internal food production systems. Many countries are starting to prioritize elevating their agricultural systems to a more modern standard, focusing on small ruminant production. These programs use an exciting mix of live animals, semen, and embryos and educational opportunities to achieve these goals.

American Advantage

The prolific and proven American Boer goat is not just a candidate, but the prime choice to fill these needs. United States breeders are not just trending, but leading the way towards on-farm data collection programs that range from birth weight, weekly gain, and weaning rates. This shift is not just significant but revolutionary, as they provide international buyers with the data they desperately need to ensure the upward trajectory of their programs.

Expanding Market Reach

Multiple Caribbean countries with large populations that consume goat meat are right in America’s backyard, clamoring for the high-quality genetics we, as a nation, produce. This area includes large areas of Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South and Central America. It might surprise you that demand is broader than the traditional Boer goat, as dappled and red Boer genetics are being requested worldwide. Enjoying a little “pasture bling” with superior production is universal, no matter where you are.

Supporting Infrastructure

Domestic and international breeders cannot just succeed, but thrive, with the unwavering and solid support displayed by the American Boer Goat Association. Several examples stand out above the rest, not just as initiatives, but as pillars of support. First is the innovative online pedigree search engine and the newly released platform to manage all aspects of herd inventory, not just bringing this registry into the 21st century, but paving the way for future advancements. Next is the Junior American Boer Association, not just a platform, but a community, through which the cultivation and mentorship assure the future of this breed of the next generation of producers. The American Boer Goat Thailand Affiliate creates not just a partnership, but a network, between this regional goat club and the ABGA.


SMART Reproduction’s staff and our CEO, Brittany Scott, are excited to assist in bringing the American Boer goat to the attention of the international market. We work daily with buyers and sellers to advocate and promote these fantastic animals and the entire industry. Small ruminants are the path to building sustainable food production systems, and the high-quality genetics we produce are instrumental to feeding the world.

This article was originally published in the 2023 Summer ABGA newsletter.